Goals and objectives::

a) Recognize the potential of gifted and talented students in the nation and commit to nurturing individuals talents’ for the benefit of the society.

b) Administer and coordinate multidisciplinary research on gifted and talented education needs to improve program capabilities and ensure society benefits from the results of activities.

c) Provide opportunities for gifted youth to conduct multidisciplinary scientific research and leverage tools and techniques employed by other fields to allow students to actively participate in societal issues.

d) Strive to create an environment that addresses the needs of gifted students in a holistic manner by nurturing cognitive and socio-emotional development hand in hand

Fields of activity: 
a) Carrying out counseling services for parents of gifted students to help families overcome potential sociological and psychological challenges, gain consciousness and maintain cooperative behavior.

b) Sponsoring or organizing national and international certificate programs and trainings for personnel involved in the education of gifted and talented students.

c) Establishing and publishing innovative learning models and exemplary programs for serving gifted and talented students and supporting education providers implementing and operating such curriculums.

d) Assisting education providers in the identification of, and provision of counseling services to, gifted and talented students.

e) Supporting or coordinating programs to advance the tools and techniques used in the identification of the gifted and talented students.

f) Attending or organizing national or international educational and informative seminars, workshops, conferences on gifted and talented students and their education needs.