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Come Hold My Hand Association - www.hayditutelimi.org

Nowadays, child abuse is one of the most traumatic problems both in our country and in the World. Offences against children vary as to cultural and social structure. Despite all the precautions, child abuse and offences against children are on the rise and in many cases it has been impossible to uncover these embarrassing situations and reach to abused children.

Come Hold My Hand Association has been founded to serve to this end. In this respect, in order to reintegrate the abused children into the society and make them decent individuals we are constantly strive to ;

  • Still the storm in their sprit, enabling them to receive rehabilitation support from psychologists and psychiatrists
  • not leave them alone in the legal process, enabling them to receive support from specialist lawyers at every phase
  • Prepare them for the future through professional and personal training programs
  • Provide appropriate shelter for those who are over 18 and no longer under the protection of SHÇEK (Social Services and Child Protection Agency) and support them to get prepared for the business World are some of the goals of our association.

BAYDER (Independent Life Association) - www.bayder.com.tr

In order to administer and carry out social responsibility projects, Suffa Foundation, primarily started a project for disadvantaged young people especially to contact and communicate substance abuse victims in Büyükçekmece district. By this project 220 young people have been rehabilitated and reintegrated into the society.

In order to embody these efforts and projects (Independent Life Association) within an institution, "Bağımsız Yaşam Derneği" has been founded by Prof.Dr.Mustafa Kemal ÖZSOY and 27 other benefactors.

Happy Home Happy Life Association - www.mutluyuva.org


  • To open shelters in various districts of İstanbul for homeless and orphan children. In the course of time, to develop similar projects to open special houses for children throughout Turkey.
  • To coordinate the relation between volunteers, families, corporations, child shelters, compassion houses, orphanages, kindergartens etc.
  • To place the orphans and homeless children into kindergarten and primary schools and monitor their school life.
  • Working together with Public Education Centers to organize courses for caregivers who take care of children.

Üsküdar University Evidence-Based Mentoring Training Project

Üsküdar Üniversitesi has been providing psychosocial support through Evidence-Based Mentoring Training Project to 45 neglected or abused young girls between the ages of 14 - 18, who are living in Social Rehabilitation Centers under the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. The project supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and partnered by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and Come Hold My Hand Association embodies 45 voluntary mentor students.

Within the project, the skills of self-recognition, self-confidence, assertiveness, coping with anger and anxiety, communication, problem solving and the ability to say no, decision-making and identifying strengths will be given to the adolescents by the mentors.

These young girls' learning through modelling and social integration processes will be supported and effects on the target disadvantaged adolescents will be scrutinized through brain imaging tools like EEG anf fMRI . This is not only a social responsibility project but rather a Values Education and Social Justice Movement pioneered by the students of Üsküdar University.