About Üsküdar - President's Message

On our journey to "Technopreneurship in Health" which we started having been the accredited representative of "Memory Centers of America" in 1998, we've now managed to open Üsküdar University as a foundation University in 2011.

As Üsküdar University we have 10 distinct characteristics.

  • As a thematic university specialized in the field of Behavioral Health and Sciences, we achieved to associate "Psychology, Philosophy, Health, Genetics, and Engineering",
  • By using the Thought Technology with our clinical experience on neuropsychiatric and magnetic stimulation, treatment, implemented by measuring brain functions, we pioneer in progressive and new approaches which associate "technology with mental health",
  • Thanks to the good use of the existing technological infrastructure and the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary working capacity, increased by the incorporation of the new technologies, we strive to assert a claim as to produce knowledge "at world standards",
  • Teaming up with academic members, who holds the patent of the production of brain battery/neurostimulation and the patent of schizophrenia drug, we attach great importance to R&D (Research & Development), technopreneurship, patent production through techno parks,
  • With our doors open to international accreditation, we pursue the goal of becoming an internationally accredited world university,
  • By conducting the social responsibility projects, we foster those who share the same ideas with us for the benefit of the future of the society,
  • Thanks to "the University and the Hospital association" model, we provide opportunities for the students for their future professions and for their career plans that accelerate their participation in the labor force,
  • While pursuing our goals, determining our basic principles as "Doing a good job, working hard, being innovative, entrepreneurial, reformer and preserving the benefits of the students" and our commitment to this principles,
  • We adopt the corporate culture, that attaches importance to offer qualified graduates, the philosophy of lifelong learning, customized training options, and ethical values,
  • As the main objective in 2023, we aspire to be recognized as one of the world's 500 best universities.

The existing university system enables the importation of the knowledge and the concepts produced in West into Turkey and the following of the global developments. However, our desire is not to make Turkey attain a place in global system as a market, but to train human resources, required for its becoming a strong actor. The studies and the effort, conducted in the recent years, of both the state and the foundation universities, aims the rapid improvement in the quality and the quantity. Like every Turkish citizen, this change has been a source of hope for us. We feel excited due to the spread of this attitude. As in each period of history, as well as at the present time, the power of the societies and the states has increased in accordance with the produced knowledge. In this information age, the universities are considered to be the leading institutions producing knowledge. As far as it is determined from the experiences of the developed countries, the universities' efforts of producing knowledge with the public resources are not sufficient. In the effort to produce knowledge, the need for both the state universities and the foundation universities is quite obvious.

Apart from the production of knowledge and science, the universities have other functions such as education-training and social responsibilities. We have the sense of responsibility that we should undertake the duty of attaining the most ideal level in both cases. As Chairman of the Executive Board of NP Group companies and Chairman of the Board of trustees of İDER Foundation (Foundation of Human Values and Mental Health), like every institution and every person who loves his country and who wants to contribute to bright future of Turkey, I and my team-mates, with our knowledge and experience, we are eager to contribute to our country in today's relentless competition, due to the rapid flow of information in the world.

Prof. Dr. Nevzat TARHAN